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The Finnish-Romanian Friendship Association
Suomi-Romania-Seura ry

The Finnish-Romanian Friendship Association (Suomi-Romania-Seura) was founded in 1951. At present it has some 120 members. Most of them are Finnish citizens who for various reasons have grown to love Romania - its people, nature, and culture. Among the members there are also Romanians who live in Finland.

The aim of the Association, according to its statutes, is "to spread information on Romanía, its culture, literature, art and social life and to promote the relationships between Finland and Romania in the fields of culture, tourism and personal relationships."

During the last few years, the association's principal activity has been to inform about exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events at which Finnish people can get to know Romanian culture, and about tourism in Romania. For those who want to brush up their language skills there is a Romanian discussion group. The association's member bulletin Viesti-Veşti is published at least twice in a year.

The annual membership fee 2020 is 25 euro. 

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